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Are you working in consulting for a few years already, or have you just started? Irrespective of your experiences before, it is probably clear by now that data analytics becomes more and more central part of every successful organization. There is rarely a good decision taken that is not based on data in some form. This is exactly what our trainings prepare you for. We help you build and improve your data analytical skills. You will be able to critically review and correctly transform your data, create powerful analysis and use best practices for visualizations to aid data-driven decisions. 

At this point we offer 2 Levels of Business Analytics Training and 2 formats of Power BI Training:

Business Analytics Basic
1 day

This training is for everyone who starts with Excel and needs a structured overview of the fundamentals. It helps you navigate smoothly through all important features of Excel. You will build your knowledge step by step based on the best practices so that it is easy to expand it with the next trainings or on your own.

Business Analytics Intermediate
2 days

When you work with Excel on a daily basis, you know your way around it, and you want to further improve your skills. This training fills in the gaps and focuses on showcasing the possibilities Excel for analysis and presentation: From advanced formulas, through Power Pivot to visualizations and basic dashboard building. This training takes you from Excel akin to Excel proficient.

Power BI Developer
2 days + Exam

Power BI is a big turning point in self service analytics accessibility. It made it possible for EVERYONE to shape their analytics the way they want without the need of constant maintenance. We will teach you step by step how to do it! This training is for everyone who wants to understand Power BI and build their own dynamic data reporting. The training includes a closing exam that consists of 30 questions and a case study. Afterwards you will be able to independently use Power BI to clean, transform, analyze and visualize your data.

Power BI Microsoft Certification PL-300
2 days + Q&A + cases + practice exam

This learning path includes our Power BI training and self paced training and the additional study sessions are structured in a way that prepares you for passing PL 300- Microsoft Official Certification. This certification is internationally recognized and sets you apart from countless Power BI Users. It takes hard work and dedication to prepare for it, you need to practice and ideally also use own projects to implement Power BI solutions so that you understand the implications of concepts not just theory. This is a hands on training that includes, additional cases, reviews, Q&As and practice exams.

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Our Training Concept

 Hands-On, Engaging and Easy to Follow
Our objective is to make sure participants are able to use the skills they acquire. Therefore, currently over 75% of the training time is case-based and business-application focused.
 Led by Experts with Business Understanding Our trainers have vast training experience and they also continuously support Clients with the project implementation. This makes them uniquely predisposed to focus on training topics with the biggest business impact for your organization.
 Remove roadblocks
We source participants' current analytical roadblocks, questions and use cases to integrate answers in our trainings.
 The result is what matters
Our trainings are designed to support you in the goals you wish to achieve. For us it is important the with every training we deliver you actually learn how to use the software and can use it comfortably. When something doesn't work you also understand why. With some extra practice and preparation you should be able to pass the official certification as well.

Meet your Trainer

Bas Dohmen

His background is in finance and he has worked as a BI consultant before.
Over the last 10 years he has been consulting on projects and training international teams in Data Analytics, Power BI, Tableau and advanced Excel.
He has worked with hundreds of different companies in diverse industries, ranging from FMCG, travel companies to big 5.
He is widely recognized in the Power BI community and has one of the fastest growing Power BI YouTube channels worldwide- How to Power BI.
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