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2 days

Business Analytics

I am able to execute advanced Excel Functionalities and analyze data efficiently.

For who?

This training is a must for everyone who works in Excel on daily basis. We show you tips and tricks that will speed up your work and improve your analysis as well as data presentation.
In this training you will further improve your Excel skills and take it to next level: advanced conditional formatting, IF and LOOKUP functions, Pivot Tables, best practices for visualizations and more. 

Business Analytics Intermediate


Understand how to perform more complex analysis with Excel and how to use more advanced options to improve the analysis and presentation of the data.

14h split into 4 sessions (3.5h each)

Real time Training Online. Access to online environment, call via Zoom, MS Teams or Webex.

Manipulating text and data cleaning

  Data Types
      Data Import and structuring
      Concatenating data
      Searching and extracting substrings
      Text to columns
      Filling and deleting gaps

Advanced Formatting

Conditional Formatting Options and Tricks
Creating own conditional formatting rules

Formulas and Functions

  Review of formulas (arithmetic, comparison, text, reference)
     Focus on IF commands and VLOOKUPs
     Copying formulas
     Named Ranges
     Range names in formulas
     Dealing with dates and times

Grouping, sorting and filtering

Grouping dates and times, values and text fields
Using filters for row and column fields
Filtering using the filter area, slicers and timelines
Creating Dropdowns

Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables and Charts

 Adding fields and rearranging a Pivot Table Report
      Incorporating data source changes
      Changing the report layout and formatting
      Changing the type of calculation used to summarize value
      Calculated fields and items
      Creating, editing and conditionally formatting Pivot Chart


Choosing the right chart type
Creating chart templates
Applying best visualization practices
Integrations of dynamic elements into charts
Applying area highlights
Using conditional colors in charts
Basics of Excel Dashboard creation
Connection to Power Point
Training Call
Training Materials
Learning Path (over 6h of recorded content)
Additional optional assignments (2)
Possibility to ask questions ad hoc to the trainer at any point (email)

Meet your Trainer

Bas Dohmen

His background is in finance and he has worked as a BI consultant before.
Over the last 10 years he has been consulting on projects and training international teams in Data Analytics, Power BI, Tableau and advanced Excel.
He has worked with hundreds of different companies in diverse industries, ranging from FMCG, travel companies to big 5.
He is widely recognized in the Power BI community and has one of the fastest growing Power BI YouTube channels worldwide- How to Power BI.
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