UX/UI in Power BI: Adding Animations to the Report

Looking to turn your Power BI reports into captivating works of art? We're about to unveil the magic of subtle animations, specifically animated arrows, that will not only make your data shine but also tell a compelling story. Get ready to unlock the artistic potential of your reports as we walk you through each step.
Oct 10 / datatraining
Step 1: Create GIFs
First, go to the 'Animations' tab in PowerPoint. Here, you can make icons or images move just the way you want by picking from various animation options, directions, and cool special effects.
Step 2: Adjust GIF Loops
Once you're satisfied with your GIFs in PowerPoint, save and export them. If you wish to decide how many times your GIF plays on a loop, go to this website: [ezgif.com/loop-count](https://ezgif.com/loop-count). Upload your GIF, and set the number of times you want it to repeat. Remember, if you don't specify the number of loops using the website, the GIF will loop endlessly, potentially causing distraction for report users. It's often better to set it to loop only once.

Step 3: Host Your GIFs

Take your GIFs and upload them to image hosting websites such as [Postimages.org](https://postimages.org/). Once uploaded, grab the direct links to these images for the upcoming step.

Step 4: Set Up Conditional Measure
Integrate your GIFs by placing their links as text in Power BI measures, ensuring the data category is set to image URL. Next, create a measure that checks if values are not blank and conditionally compares the current value with the previous or target value. Depending on the increase, decrease, or any specific situation you specify, the measure will return the corresponding GIF.

Step 5: Add to New Card Visual
Adjust the image settings of the New Card Visual to Image URL, and within the conditional formatting options of the image URL, apply the measure. This ensures that the appropriate GIF appears alongside the KPI based on the specified conditions. Explore different placements and sizes of the GIF in the image settings to find the perfect balance for a visually engaging KPI card.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Reports with the Art of Subtle Animation
Experiment with different design elements and apply this artistic technique to other scenarios too. Remember, the true art lies in balance – use animation wisely to enhance your data storytelling without overwhelming your audience.

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