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Our Trainings and Consulting

Knowing how to deal with data is must. The better you are the faster your career develops.
And we know exactly how to improve your skills so that you get what you want. 
We specialize in training teams and individuals in Power BI, Tableau and advanced Excel. Over the years we've perfected our training content so that you learn the skill in the most efficient, simple and fun way possible. 

We also help our Clients directly with the projects: build data reports, upgrade visualizations, add dynamic elements, audit the back-end. Whatever you need we can support you.

Whether you are a
complete beginner
or an experienced developer
or need help with your project,
we are here for you.

Team Trainings

We offer technical trainings as well as and analytical team transformation programs that improve the way data is used, understood and visualized and in turn, how decisions are taken.

Comprehensive Courses

We offer 2 comprehensive Learning Paths: Tableau and Power BI. Each includes 6h of Excel Bootcamp that levels up your fundamental analytical skills.


Looking for support with your project? Our Experts are ready to jump in and support you at any point of the process.





Designed and
built for you

Real-time team training or a self-paced learning path? If you are a team lead trying to transform your team or an individual looking for self improvement, you are at the right place!
Thanks for the great training! To me it was the perfect speed of learning and level of detail provided. Really enjoyed learning Power BI and super motivated to start my new project now!


The team from DataTrainingio was very flexible and organised a training last minute for us. They are very professional and friendly and provided a great two-day training.


I found the format "Lecture->Exercise" very useful and I think it was a well-balanced training.


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Learn first-hand from our experienced trainers

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Self Paced Learning Path

From Beginner to Advanced at your own pace

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Supporting your project

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