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Power BI

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Power BI Learning Path

Take your expertise to the next level with my complete self-paced online training. Includes Level 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. 

Power BI Design Transformation 

4 Weeks Transformation Program that empowers you to build state-of-art Power BI reports. 28h of live sessions complemented by video content, templates, checklists and much more! 

Whether you are a
complete beginner
or an experienced developer
or need help with your project,
we are here for you.

Team Trainings

We offer technical trainings as well as and analytical team transformation programs that improve the way data is used, understood and visualized and in turn, how decisions are taken.

Comprehensive Courses

We offer 2 comprehensive Learning Paths: Tableau and Power BI. Each includes 6h of Excel Bootcamp that levels up your fundamental analytical skills.


Looking for support with your project? Our Experts are ready to jump in and support you at any point of the process.