Tableau– Project Support

We assess the situation to understand what needs improvement and how it will impact current operations. Then we implement customized solutions making sure it integrates seamlessly with other systems and allow you to put your energy where value creation is- understanding and acting on data insights.

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We always recommend signing an NDA and send it along directly at the start of our cooperation.

Generally we work offsite as it decreases costs to you. We are very experienced working remotely and communicating online. If you would prefer us to be at your office we will find the best solution to accommodate travel in our offer.

It is our time and output that you own at the end of the day. For every 8h (1 day of support) we offer 1h of followup- in case you have questions after implementation or need guidance on the content.

Before our work begins we will send you a targeted questionnaire. Afterwards you send us your data and followup with a 30 min call to align on understanding of the scope and your requirements. Then we do our magic đŸ˜‰ At the end we have a followup 30 min call with explanation and Q&A. We use such process for dashboard/reports development or improvement of 3-5 days. For longer projects the setup can vary and will be set at the beginning or the cooperation.

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