Power BI – Project Consulting & Support

We have a vast experience in supporting and consulting companies on Power BI Solutions. We can help you assess the situation to understand what needs improvement and how it will impact current operations. Then we implement customized solutions making sure it integrates seamlessly with other systems and allows you to put your energy where value creation is- understanding and acting on data insights. Some of the main categories of our support

1. Building Reports and Dashboards

We believe everyone should be able to look at the best reports. However, creating visualizations and design is only the last step of the process. Before this we make sure that the data structure, flow, cleaning and transformations are efficient and following the best practices. As the last step we supply a clean report that incorporates the most recent developments on UX report design. This way we can make sure that the back-end data quality as well as the report front-end are both state of art.

2. Bring our Power BI Expert to the team

Bring our BI Expert onboard to speed up your project and learn the fastest. Extend your team for the project, or a part of it, with our Expert. We have seen over and over again how much time and frustration can be saved, motivation improved and team reunited by having a comprehensive knowledge source right next to you.

3. Automate Manual Tasks

Making sales forecast manually? Creating employee bonus calculation every month? Updating data sheet every day with the most recent numbers? Let us know your manual, repetitive tasks and we will build a custom solution that automates the process. As long as we know where the data is stored and what rules to follow- we have got you covered! All the repetitive tasks that may require copying, calculations or transformations, but do not require decision-making are a prime example of automation potential. The solutions that we offer are easy to integrate with your current processes and will save you and your team valuable time that you can use instead on difficult, non-repetitive tasks.

4. Team Transformation

Do you want to improve your team's analytical skills and shift the mindset towards data-driven decision-making? In today's economy, being able to look at data and make sound decisions is one of the most critical skills to have. We know how to do this step by step! We look at the data you have access to, revaluate your KPIs, train the team (3 levels for Power BI skills + Data driven decision making training) via workshop-style trainings where we build reports together and develop analytical skills.

Get In Touch


We always recommend signing an NDA and send it along directly at the start of our cooperation.

Generally we work offsite as it decreases costs to you. We are very experienced working remotely and communicating online. If you would prefer us to be at your office we will find the best solution to accommodate travel in our offer.

It is our time and output that you own at the end of the day. For every 8h (1 day of support) we offer 1h of followup- in case you have questions after the implementation or need guidance on the content.

Before our work begins we will send you a targeted questionnaire. Afterwards you send us your data and followup with a 30 min call to align on understanding of the scope and your requirements. Then we do our magic 😉 At the end we have a followup 30 min call with explanation and Q&A. We use such process for dashboard/reports development or improvement of 3-5 days. For longer projects the setup can vary and will be set at the beginning or the cooperation.

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