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2- day training that enables you and your team to get the most out of excel. It is designed for those who work frequently with Excel and want improve their overall skills in Excel- ranging from creating high impact dashboards to saving time through automating data cleaning in excel.


The training is excellent. The trainer has a very comprehensive knowledge and explains it in a very clear way.


The instructors were first rate professionals and extremely skilled. They answered all questions very thoroughly and handled the different levels of experience among the participants very well.


The team from DataTrainingio was very flexible and organised a training last minute for us. They are very professional and friendly and provided a great two-day training.

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Expert in Excel already? Our Excel Bootcamp is not another copy/paste training. We show you tips and tricks that make you more efficient than ever in your everyday work. Our Clients absolutely love it and book it regularly for current talents and brand new hires.This training helps you to gain insights from data quicker and avoid manual tasks. You will learn about all key features and how they can be combined to tackle common business challenges more effectively.

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