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Ever felt stuck with your Power BI project? Visuals acting up, DAX measured not working or data models giving you a headache? Taking weeks to find similar cases online and hoping for a miracle? Nobody to take care of the report maintenance? 
That's where our Power BI Boost comes in. We're like your Power BI expert that helps out with your specific questions, helps you with DAX or visuals anytime you get stuck.  

How can it help me?

Get access to Power BI Experts whenever you need them
Power BI Boost is your secret weapon for developing your Power BI reports. It gets you access to a senior Power BI expert, ready to jump in whenever you need. Picture this as having an experienced Power BI developer by your side, demystifying complex Power BI topics, providing expert guidance and advice based on experience that otherwise takes years to gain.  Let's get started!

Make your Power BI journey frustration-free and keep your project on the fast track

Expertise, speed and certainty


Have Power BI experts on standby


We get things done
100% guaranteed


Faster and better Power BI development

Boost your Power BI Project with...

      Rapid Solutions: Access a senior Power BI expert at your fingertips, ensuring swift replies to your challenges, saving you valuable time and accelerating project timelines. 

      Guided Expertise: Work side by side with our Power BI developers who demystify Power BI topics, providing clear guidance and support, helping you navigate challenges with confidence.

    Tailored Assistance: Receive personalized help for your specific project needs, whether it's refining visuals, optimizing data models, or cleaning up data—our experts are ready to address your unique requirements.

    Continuous Skills Enhancement: Seamlessly improve your Power BI skills through hands-on collaboration with our experts, saving time and money on formal training.

What can we support you with? 
Power BI 360°


Power Query (M)


Data Modeling


UX Elements

Power BI Boost

No more roadblocks


First step into a new reality where your
Power BI Project is never stuck


Directly after signing up, you can access Power BI Boost where you fill out project details and schedule a 30 min call with our expert to provide more context.


Submit task via Notion board and get the help you need.
Chat with our expert via Teams or Slack. 

Ready to Boost your
Power BI Project?

Power BI Partner 


$3750 /month + tax

  • one request at the time
  • 2-3 days turnaround time
  • unlimited requests
  • MS Teams updates
  • cancel anytime
  • access to Power BI Learning Path

Power BI Partner 


$5750 /month + tax

  • priority support
  • two requests at the time
  • 1-2 days turnaround time
  • unlimited requests
  • priority MS Teams response
  • cancel anytime
  • access to Power BI Learning Path

Frequently asked questions

What is the process of working with you?

When you first sign up you jump on a call with Bas and a team member so we can to know you, your goals, and what need help with. We then make sure you get familiar we the process and help you to create your first task you want us to get started on. At any time you will have full visibility on what is being worked on, the progress, and a Power BI expert standing ready when you need one.

Will I be directly working with Bas?

Bas oversees every project personally. Additionally, you get a senior Power BI expert contact person that guarantees swift replies and task deliveries.

Do you also work by hour instead of a subscription?

No, we want our incentives to be aligned with yours. That means we put in as much effort as necessary to get the job done in the best way possible so that we build an ongoing relationship. Consultants that are charging by hour often want to get as many hours in as they can, which goes against your interest. Additionally, for many tasks it is hard to predict how long it will take and that would give you a lot of uncertainty. With our subscription the job gets done for a clear price.

How can and when can I get started?

 Schedule a call and we can get started straight away 😊

What makes us different?

- We have experts standing ready for you when you need them
- We get tasks done – no vague estimates
- Quick turn around
- We are your work buddy that gets stuff done, while still having fun 😊

How do you define a task – can you give some examples?

Together we align on tasks that are clearly focused around a specific question or component of your Power BI development process. Some examples are:
- My DAX formula returns the wrong result – can you fix it?
- I want this visual, but have no clue how to make it in Power BI – is t possible and can you create it?
- Can you review my data model, I would like to adjust it so we follow best practices.
If you have a big plans, we help you break it down into specific tasks.

How is it different from Power BI Launch

With Power Launch we take over the entire report development for you, from beginning to end.
With Power BI Boost our experts work side by side with you for speedier development, implementation according to best practices, and removal of any roadblock in Power BI.

I would like you to maintain our reports is that possible?

We can maintain your reports and handle change requests from end users.

How many people can be involved on our end?

Clients can assign one main contact person and one back up contact. 

Can I use the same Boost license for multiple projects/reports?

Yes, as long as the same contact person is in charge of these projects. 

Do I need to pay by Credit Card? 

Generally yes, the easiest and fastest way to get started is by providing your Credit Card details at the checkout. If you would rather like to pay via monthly wire transfer, please contact us and we make it happen.